9 Places on Your Body Where Laser Hair Removal Works Best

Laser hair removal changes lives. It may seem small, but for many people — especially those who feel less confident because of unwanted body or facial hair — laser hair removal makes life easier while helping them feel their best. With this treatment, our team of expert clinicians at Radiance MedSpa DC delivers long-lasting, hair-free skin. 

With a series of completely noninvasive treatments, we permanently stop your skin’s ability to grow hair in the treated area. This makes laser hair removal ideal for anyone who’s sick of shaving, plucking, and waxing.  

At our medspas in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C. and Columbia, Maryland, we offer laser hair removal to give you permanently smooth skin wherever you want it. We use this treatment to address hair on the:


Whether you have a little patch of fuzz on your lower back or have hair that creeps over your shoulders, our expert clinicians can use laser hair removal to give you a smooth back. 


Your chin shouldn’t require continual maintenance. With laser hair removal, we keep your entire chin — including the area underneath it — hair-free. No more plucking, shaving, waxing, or bleaching needed. 


If you want a silky-smooth chest for good, don’t wait to ask our team about laser hair removal. We can keep your chest looking its best, no stubble necessary. 

Arms and underarms

Shaving your underarms takes time and precision. Even then, the results last only briefly. If you’re tired of having to continually shave your underarms and worrying that you need to keep your arms down to hide any hair growth, let us put laser hair removal to work for you. 

Our expert clinicians offer laser hair removal for your arms, too. 


Maintaining hair-free legs takes a lot of work. We can permanently take the intensive to-do of shaving or waxing your entire leg off your list. With laser hair removal for the legs, we give you hairless legs from top to bottom. Laser hair removal works even in the hardest-to-maintain areas, like the ankles (where it’s all too easy to nick yourself with a razor) and the top of the leg near the bikini area. 


If you think laser hair removal is just for your body, think again. With this treatment, our experienced clinicians control the amount of hair growing on your face. Whether you want to get rid of peach fuzz or you’re sick of shaving, we can help. 


Our laser hair removal expertise extends to the neck, where pesky hairs can make you look unkempt. 

Upper lip

Unwanted hair on your upper lip doesn’t have to compromise your self-confidence. With laser hair removal, our Radiance MedSpa DC team ensures you never have to worry about upper lip hair again. 

Bikini area

Summer’s right around the corner. Get ready for it — no tricky shaving or painful waxing necessary — with laser hair removal for your bikini area. 

Clearly, our dedicated team uses laser hair removal for a variety of body areas. No matter where you want to get rid of hair, don’t hesitate to call one of our offices today to schedule an appointment. Our Radiance MedSpa DC team looks forward to bringing you smooth, hair-free skin.

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