Facial Fillers and Washington, DC

Facial Fillers

As you age, the shape of your face changes. Your skin becomes loose and wrinkled, your cheeks become sunken, and your lips get thinner. Facial fillers offered perfect for this loss of volume. Our experienced medical professionals at Radiance D.C., can restore the youthful fullness to your face that it lost over time. To find out how facial fillers can reverse your most prominent signs of aging, call or schedule an appointment online at Radiance MedSpa DC today.

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Botox in Washington DC


It’s no secret that Botox injections are very popular: you’ve likely heard friends, family, coworkers, or peers raving about the gorgeous, natural-looking results of their injections. At Radiance MedSpa DC in Washington, D.C., Dr. highly experienced nurses, medical aestheticians, and/or clinicians safely perform these injections, giving you a young and vibrant look. To find out how Botox® can improve your appearance, call or schedule an appointment online at Radiance MedSpa DC today, conveniently located in the Dupont Circle neighborhood.

What is Botox?
Botox is an injectable drug that smooths and tightens your skin to eliminate wrinkles and lines. As the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedure in the United States, Botox injections have helped patients everywhere achieve their desired look and even treat migraines and other conditions.

How does Botox work?
The active ingredient in Botox is a poisonous toxin that is found in nature called Botulinum toxin. The toxin temporarily paralyzes your muscles when it is injected into them. Your wrinkles are caused by overworking muscles, so paralyzing them makes your wrinkles and lines appear smoother.

Botox can also paralyze the muscles responsible for migraines, excessive sweating, bladder disorders, and more. Its most popular and well-known use, however, is cosmetic.

How can Botox improve my appearance?
Botox can improve your appearance in many ways. You may choose to get Botox injections to:

  • Smooth the lines between your nose and mouth
  • Reduce or eliminate crow’s feet wrinkles by your eyes
  • Smooth forehead wrinkles
  • Smooth frown lines

If you have other wrinkles that you’d like to target, our practitioners can determine if Botox is the most effective option. Keep in mind that the results are not permanent, so you’ll need to come back regularly to maintain your new look.

Is Botox safe?
Botox is FDA-approved and very safe when administered by an experienced medical professional. The procedure can be mildly uncomfortable and you may experience some temporary swelling, headaches, nausea, or fatigue. Because of this, it is recommended that you reserve some time for healing after your injections. You may proceed with your daily activities after the injections, but it is important for you to follow our practitioner's instructions for aftercare to preserve your results.

How should I prepare for my appointment?
You should schedule your Botox injections at least two weeks before any special events so that you’ll have time to heal and look your best. Before your appointment, you’ll need to avoid drinking alcohol and taking anti-inflammatory medications as these can interfere with your results.

If you’re tired of seeing wrinkles in the mirror, Botox injections can give you the young look that you want. To learn more about Botox, call or schedule an appointment online at Radiance MedSpa DC today.

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Laser Hair Removal

Let’s face it: you don’t want to be bald, but there are definitely areas on your body where you’d rather not grow hair at all. Radiance MedSpa DC in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C., offers laser hair removal services as a more permanent solution to razors and waxing. Say goodbye to razor burn, razor bumps and discoloration. Call to schedule a complimentary laser hair consultation or make an appointment online with our expert clinicians.

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Cryo Slimming And Toning Treatments

The laser is a minimally invasive medical device used to treat cellulite. Unlike standard liposuction and fat grafting, cellulite lasers take a multi-dimensional approach, targeting the causes of cellulite beneath the skin.

First, the laser heats and disrupts the pockets of uneven fat under the skin. Next, the laser releases the fibrous bands that pull down on the skin and cause dimpling and unevenness. The laser fully releases these tethered bands (similar to a rubber band under tension), allowing the skin to bounce back and become smoother. Finally, the laser energy stimulates collagen production, which increases skin thickness and elasticity in the months following treatment.

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In searching for a cosmetic treatment to improve your skin, you may wish to consider an option that doesn’t involve chemicals, lasers, or injections. We offer minimally invasive microneedling treatments at Radiance MedSpa DC located in Dupont Circle, in the heart of Washington, D.C., that deliver results using your body’s natural abilities. To explore microneedling as a skin treatment option, call or schedule your consultation online at Radiance MedSpa DC today.

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Medical Peels and Washington, DC

Medical Peels

A medical peel is a technique used to improve and smooth the texture of your skin. The peel gently removes the outermost layer of the skin, leaving you with completely fresh, untouched skin. Results include even-toned, smooth, tightened, and refreshed skin.

Peels are most often done on the face, but can also be used on the neck, chest, and hands. Medical peels can be used to treat acne scars, uneven pigmentation, rough skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and sun spots/damage.


With constant exposure to the sun, wind, and chemicals, your face develops a rough outer layer of skin that could use a refresh. Microdermabrasion can be the answer at Radiance MedSpa DC in Dupont Circle in the heart of Washington, D.C., for those who want fresh, revitalized skin that makes a perfect canvas for makeup. If your skin is rough, scarred, wrinkled, or discolored, call or schedule a consultation online to find out if microdermabrasion is for you.

What is microdermabrasion?
Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive treatment used to improve your skin’s appearance. The procedure uses a gritty surfaced instrument to sand off the uppermost weathered layer of skin. While that may sound intimidating, it is performed gently so as not to damage your skin. A microdermabrasion procedure can reduce or eliminate:

  • Clears pores
  • Soften Lines
  • Lightens spots
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Sun damage
  • Rough texture
  • Dull complexion
  • Stretch marks

After the procedure, your skin is left looking young, even-toned, and smooth. If your skin generally needs a re-boot, a microdermabrasion procedure can rejuvenate it with no down time.

Does microdermabrasion hurt?
Microdermabrasion is not painful, so numbing creams and anesthesia are not necessary. Your skin may be red and tender for 2-4 hours. Sun exposure should be avoided.

How long does microdermabrasion take?
Your microdermabrasion appointment is a 45 minute session. You’ll see results immediately after your appointment.

This is a popular treatment to have for special events the same day.

How should I prepare for my microdermabrasion appointment?
There are several steps that you can take to prepare for your appointment. During a consultation, you may be advised to avoid sun exposure, tanning products, waxes, and exfoliating creams.

On the day of the procedure, you should not wear makeup, or you should remove it before you go. You’ll likely be asked to clean your face to provide a fresh canvas for the microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion removes dead your skin, deeply exfoliates and cleans out pores leaving the complexion smooth and gorgeous. For a fresh face, call or schedule your microdermabrasion appointment online at Radiance MedSpa DC.

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Laser Facials and Washington, DC

IPL & Laser Photofacials

Lasers are incredible feats of technology, and they have a growing list of uses in cosmetic medicine. Radiance MedSpa DC, in Washington, D.C.’s Dupont Circle, offers several leading laser facials such as Laser Genesis and intense pulsed light (IPL) photofacials. To find out more about how laser facials can improve your skin, call or schedule an appointment online with us today.

What are laser facials?
Laser facials are rejuvenating treatments for your face that use the power of intense light to remove blemishes and imperfections. Radiance MedSpa DC has several types of laser facials to choose from:

Laser Genesis
Laser Genesis gently heats the layers below your skin’s surface to promote collagen production. Collagen is a substance that your body produces to give your skin structure and hydration. The results of Laser Genesis aren’t immediate, but there are very few side effects because it is so gentle on your skin.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
IPL lasers target excess pigment or color in your skin to remove spots, redness, and veins. The laser breaks apart the extra pigment so that it is dispersed and reabsorbed by the surrounding skin. IPL lasers also promote collagen production, so you’ll enjoy plump, vivacious skin after your treatment.

Skin tightening
The Cutera® Skin Titan laser treatment heats the deepest layers of your skin to stimulate collagen production. Compared to its competitors, Skin Titan distributes heat more consistently.

What do laser facials do?
Laser facials can yield a surprising variety of results, making you look younger, refreshed, and well rested. With laser facials, you can enjoy:

  • Smaller pores
  • Less redness
  • Fewer sun spots and freckles
  • Fewer wrinkles and lines
  • Less noticeable scars
  • Smoother texture

Before your appointment, we ask you about your goals with laser treatment. Then, we’ll determine which type of laser facial will work best to achieve them.

Am I a good candidate for laser facials?
You may be a good candidate for laser facials if you want tighter skin without resorting to surgery. You also need to have realistic results for the treatment. You may need to choose a different treatment option if:

  • You scar easily
  • Your skin is very dark
  • You have taken aggressive acne medication within the last year
  • You have a weak immune system

Our staff assesses your medical history and goals to determine if the treatment is safe for you. Laser facials are safe and effective for many patients, but you should tell us all medications that you’ve taken recently and all conditions that you have before committing to the treatment.

If you’re looking for tighter, smoother skin, a laser facial can give you the results that you want. To find out if you’re a candidate, call or schedule an appointment online at Radiance MedSpa DC today.

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Skin Tag Removal Washington DC

Skin Tags

About 25% of people get skin tags: fleshy, bothersome dangling pieces of skin that, while harmless, aren’t very attractive. If your skin tags are bothering you, we can safely remove them at Radiance MedSpa DC in Washington, D.C., in the Dupont Circle. To learn more about skin tags and make sure that yours are harmless, call or schedule an appointment online.

What are skin tags?
More of a nuisance than a medical issue, skin tags are growths of hanging skin that are attached to the skin on your neck, eyelid, armpit, or other areas that are frequently rubbed by clothing or other skin. Technically, skin tags are a type of tumor, but don’t let that scare you: they’re noncancerous and very common.

Even though they’re harmless, you may still wish to have your skin tags removed because of how they look or the irritation that they cause when they’re pulled or rubbed. In some cases, they rub off naturally. Others are attached more tightly, so you’ll need the help of a medical professional to remove them without damaging your surrounding skin.

Why do I have skin tags?
Skin tags grow naturally and usually develop with age. About 25% of people start to grow them around midlife. While skin tags affect men and women equally, you are at a higher risk of developing skin tags if:

  • You’re overweight or obese
  • You’re pregnant
  • You have family members with skin tags
  • You have human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • You have high blood pressure

Obesity is a risk factor for skin tags because they are often caused by the friction of skin rubbing on other skin. You may have some without even noticing them, or they may be bothersome and irritated.

How can I get rid of my skin tags?
If your skin tags bleed or are easily pulled, you may wish to have them removed. You can also choose to have them removed if you don’t like how they look. There are several ways that skin tags can be removed with the help of a professional, including:

If you choose cryosurgery, a practitioner removes your skin tag by freezing it with liquid nitrogen. The tag falls off within a couple of weeks.

During cauterization, the skin tag is burned off using heat.

During excision, we remove your skin tag with a sterile blade and control any bleeding that occurs. Don’t try this at home: there is a risk of infection.

If you choose not to have your skin tags removed, you’ll need to keep an eye on them. If you see any unusual changes in their size or color, you should contact us to have them checked.

If you’ve noticed a new skin tag, call or schedule an appointment online at Radiance MedSpa DC to have it examined or removed.

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IV Nutrient Therapy

IV nutrition is the administration of potent blends of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients designed to deliver dramatic results, far beyond those of oral and other traditional medications. Based on the symptoms of the patient, our staff can create a customized “drip” of IV vitamins for treatment. Due to this administration method via the blood stream, the onset of effect is usually very fast. A session is approximately 30 minutes.

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Weight Loss and Washington, DC

Weight loss

About half of Americans say they’d like to lose weight, but it’s a difficult goal to reach without the right guidance. Located in the Dupont Circle of Washington, D.C., is Radiance MedSpa DC, where we create personalized weight loss plans using fat burning injectables, medications, and B12 shots. If you need expert help with your weight loss, call or schedule your appointment online at Radiance MedSpa DC at your convenience.

Why should I seek weight loss treatments?
Weight loss is a common goal among many Americans for a variety of different reasons. Weight loss may be medically necessary for you if you are overweight or obese, as these conditions can lead to a variety of health issues including high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

Many people who want to lose weight do not have a medical reason to do so. Rather, weight loss can be a great confidence boost and many people prefer how they look with a thinner, more toned body. No matter your reasoning, weight loss is most successful when assisted by a physician. Fad diets and fasting may allow you to drop the pounds quickly, but controlled weight loss over time helps you keep the weight off permanently.

What weight loss treatments may be included in my plan?
At Radiance MedSpa DC, our staff creates a personalized, multifaceted weight loss plan that aligns with your lifestyle and goals. Your plan will include several components. It may include:

Lipotropics are fat burning medications with three main components: methionine, inositol, and choline. Methionine helps you break down fat and increases your energy. Inositol speeds your metabolism, and choline decreases the fat in your liver and promotes a healthy heart. They work together to support a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a proper diet.

B12 Injections
Injections of vitamin B12 can help a weight loss plan immensely. They improve your sleep, speed your metabolism, and give you energy throughout the day.

Exercise plans
Regular exercise helps you lose weight, but it can be difficult to motivate yourself or do it correctly. We can help you develop an exercise plan that is effective and easy to stick to with your lifestyle.

Diet plans
While fad diets can be temporarily effective, long-term healthy eating habits can help you drop the pounds and keep them off. our staff can help you develop a diet plan that works for your body without leaving you feeling hungry or unsatiated.

Are weight loss supplements and injections safe?
Weight loss supplements and B12 injections are safe when coupled with a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we employ them into a weight loss plan with other components. You’ll need to return for follow up appointments so that our staff can monitor your progress and modify your plan as needed. These appointments are also an opportunity for you to ask any questions and express concerns about your plan.

Weight loss can be difficult, but it is a realistic goal when assisted by a physician. For expert help with your weight loss journey, call or schedule an appointment online at Radiance MedSpa DC today.

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b12 injection washington dc

B12 Injections

Many people suffer from B12 vitamin deficiency, especially with the growing popularity of veganism, vegetarianism, and other specialty diets and lifestyles. Others who may be more susceptible to vitamin B12 deficiency are patients diagnosed with Crohn’s disease or celiac disease, and those who have undergone intestinal procedures such as weight loss surgery.

Even though vitamin deficiency can go undetected, there are adverse effects if your body is not getting enough of the nutrition it needs to function at its best. In some cases, untreated vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to behavioral and health issues such as decreased brain function, depression, osteoporosis, and macular degeneration. One way to help combat the development of those conditions and fulfill your dietary needs is by supplementation.

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washington dc facial

Customized Facials

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cosmetics and Washington, DC

Medical Grade Cosmetics

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Lovely Lashes in Washington DC

Lovely Lashes

New Lovely Lashes at Radiance DC!

Welcome to Lovely Lashes at Radiance MedSpa DC! We want everyone to experience confidence and happiness from their enhanced new lash look!

Please review the 3 styles we offer to find the lashes fit for you.

Classic: Great for clients who already have long or full natural eyelashes, but desire to add depth to their natural look.

Hybrid: A mix of Classic and Volume, giving you volume and length, resulting in a wispy, textured lash extension look.

Volume: A top-tier choice giving fuller and fluffier babydoll lashes. One of Favorite Lash Extensions!

Each style can be customized to your desired eye/face shape and preferences. Call to schedule with our Lovely Lash therapist or schedule online.

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cosmetics and Washington, DC


Radiance Medspa offers the latest in dermal infusion technology with the HydraFacial elite. The HydraFacial is a medical-grade resurfacing treatment that clears your pores out, plus hydrates your skin. This four-step treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating the skin with serums that are infused into pores with the HydraPeel Tip, pen-like device. Come see our esthetician so we can customize a HydraFacial treatment to meet your goals. Treatments range from 30 minutes to an hour depending on which type of HydraFacial treatment that you choose.

Don't forget to ask about our HydraFacial memberships!

Standard: Our basic Hydrafacial with no additives. This facial is great for someone who does not have
any major concerns and just wants some skin detoxification and hydration.

Deluxe: This facial is customized to your skin concerns and includes add-ons like cold therapy (firms and excess facial fat), ultrasound (promotes human blood circulation and accelerates metabolism), radio frequency (treats wrinkles and facial skin imperfections), and an herbal spray (uses herbal extracts to remedy skin problems)

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